• Mouth guards, must be worn at all times
• Players may only compete for one team during the event
• Technical Fouls will be 45 seconds and Personal Fouls are 1:30 minutes, as games are in “running-time”.  Officials can extend penalties beyond 1:30 minutes if warranted.
• Penalties begin on the referee’s re-start.
• Any fighting or flagrant disrespect towards an official will result in expulsion for the remainder of the tournament.  No exceptions, no refunds.
• Teams must be available for all games.  Please remember that many teams travel great distances for this event expecting to play a minimum of 5 games, and we rely on your professionalism to hold that commitment.


• Games consist of two 24-minute halves, and a three minute halftime.
• There are NO timeouts!
• Game times start at the top of the hour and are kept by a central horn.  One horn will end and begin each half.
• All games if tied at end of regulation will play one 10v10 overtime period of 4 minutes.   First goal wins.  After the overtime period expires with no goal scored, both teams will receive a tie.  There are no ties in Friday's championship Bracket play.  Ties will only be accepted in Thursday's pool play and Friday's consolation games.


• NFHS clearing rules are in effect.

National Federation High School Rules (counts included) will be in effect. This means there will be a 20 second count to clear the midline and a 10 second count to advance the ball into your offensive box upon crossing the midfield line.  Over and back will be enforced.


Seeding for Friday's bracket will be determined by points after the last pool game Thursday evening. Friday will begin the championship bracket play.  Top 16 teams will advance to Championship bracket.  All other teams will play two round robin games on Friday, giving them a total of (at least) five games played for the event.

WIN = 3pts TIE = 1pt LOSS = 0pts


(1) Head to Head (2) Goals Against (3) Goal Differential (4) Goals Scored (5) Coin Flip

***all seeding will be determined using the above method***


• There are no rain dates for this event.  Assume that games will be played on their scheduled dates.
• If inclement weather causes a game stoppage (i.e. lightning), the following rules apply:
o Play will stop until the head official deems conditions are safe to resume play
o If play stops in the first half of a game, the game resumes with the beginning of the 2nd half.
o If play stops in the 2nd half of a game, the game ends immediately.  The team in the lead gets the win.  If tied, a 3 minute sudden death takes place when play resumes.  First goal wins, unless it’s a playoff or championship game.
o If the delay is substantial, Tournament HQ may decide to shorten some games until the event is back on-time.